Life journeys of women - told with four guitars.

Soulful interpretations from Manuel de Falla to Aretha Franklin.


Meet the graceful miller's wife from Manuel de Fallas ballet "The Three-Cornered-Hat" and Astor Piazzolla's "Maria de Buenos Aires", dive into Berni Prüflinger's cycle of four "Lebenslieder" which are tracing the lives of four generations of women from his own family - and let the soulful quartet take you all the way to Aretha Franklin and some other female protagonists' narratives: #Maria is a soulfully compiled bouquet of stories about struggles, hopes, courage and the human quest for happiness.


Also suitable for men, by the way.

El Sombrero de Tres Picos - Manuel de Falla (1876-1946)

Back then, near Granada: A beautiful miller's wife, her beloved (and jealous!) husband and a Corregidor as a poster boy for the villainous state authorities are the protagonists of a tragicomic balletabout grace, love and cunning in six acts.


María de Buenos Aires - Astor Piazzolla (1921-1991)

Meanwhile in Argentina: The vividness and fascination of tango is what it’s all about in this jazzy “Operita” with poor María being the protagonist. Tango is her hope, her risk – and, after all, immortalizes María.


Lebenslieder - Berni Prüflinger (*1976)

From Ukraine to Bavaria: Berni Prüflinger approaches the roots and heritage of his daughter Emilie - and thus four generations of women with very different life themes and realities: From great- grandmother Zoe, orphaned after the Second World War to her daughter Zhanna, grown up

during Cold War and becoming world champion in rhythmic gymnastics in the 1970s to Oksana, who set out alone for Germany to become a dancer in the thaw of the perestroika. The four “Lebenslieder” conclude on a hopeful note with Emilie, the daughter of Berni and Oksana, who will also write her very own biography.


Juli - David Orlowsky (*1981)

Beautiful: A musical bike ride on a beautiful July day with an even more beautiful woman. That's it: Beautiful.


Say a little Prayer for You - Aretha Franklin (1942-2018)

An outstanding personality in her struggle for freedom, rights, equality and humanity: The spirit of Aretha Franklin reaches far beyond her music - and we are honoured to carry forward this spirit with our interpretation of one of her greatest songs.


Bonus track:

Les deux Guitares - Charles Aznavour (1924-2018)

Has nothing to do with women at all, but with two guitars. So we had to go for it.