Anna Prüflinger

Anna Prüflinger’s habitat is classical music. She has completed her degree at the conservatory of Munich’s renowned Musikhochschule. As unconventional guitarist she doesn’t agree with genre drawers. After many years of intensive concert activity in various chamber music and rock formations, she found her artistic home in the Machado Quartett. Her studies and passion for traditional brazilian music adds some more South American flair to the quartet.





Ingo Veit

Ingo Veit – the expert for balancing acts between ancient music and its modern counterpart. Being a valued specialist for historical performance techniques and knowing to play the lute and vihuela, he’s increasingly dedicated to contemporary experimental music and music theater. Besides countless shows, courses and activities in Germany, his expertise led him also to other European and American countries. He is a man with a sense of humour – reliably entertaining his audience with spontaneous and subtle moderations.



Perry Schack

Award-winning Perry Schack contributes modern elements to the ensemble. He started his career as a jazz musician and is now regularly touring Europe, Asia and the USA. His interpretations have been honoured and awarded numerous first prizes at international competitions (Boston International Solo Guitar Competition, NFA Chamber Music Competition Pittsburgh, IBLA Grand Prize New York)In 2003, Schack received Munich’s official culture prize. Munich.
His virtuosity already took him to some of the world’s biggest concert halls like the Townhall of Wellington or New York’s Carnegie Hall.



Bernhard Prüflinger

Berni Prüflinger, former rock musician and songwriter, is responsible for Machado Quartett’s extraordinary arrangements. The award-winning composer studied music in Munich and Berlin and has been breaking new ground in compositional technique for many years now. His unconventional approach opens up a new cosmos of sound for the ensemble, steadily re-inventing the guitar as multi-purpose instrument for own works and fresh interpretations of great music literature.